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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th May 2023

Just the one sailing this morning, as that Northerly wind, slackened off a little this morning, returns to its full annoying self this afternoon. And then a forecast resembling something a lot more akin to decent lure fishing conditions, with spaces available even on Saturday and Sunday. Joining me this morning, regulars Mitch and that man Richard. Not the other Richard, but THAT Richard, joined by new to BIF1, a guy who is really enjoying learning the lure fishing experience, Kas.

After a few stops the birds alerted us to a super shoal. The same location as two days ago, so likely the same shoal. It began really well, but we lost the fish much earlier, as the tide eased back, and unlike two days ago, we simply did not relocate them. For the final hour and a half, we added just a single bass, which bought the total to twenty five fish, and from that, just two for the table. Hoping those love struck big boys and girls get fed up with the jiggy and return to the edges real soon. Additionally, if any of you wreck fans thought the summer wrecks are dead, that was last year. This year, they have cod on them, and if you can persuade one of the bigger charters in the marina to leave the breaming alone, I would actually suggest, it is worth it.

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