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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th October 2021

I had been very much in two minds to call this session off. In part, the forecast suggested Southerly breeze, increasing quite quickly. I had given Max, Jack, Mick and, new to BIF1, Liam, the option to postpone based on that the evening prior. They all voted to have a go. But on top of that, my unexpected injury yesterday, culminated with me leaving Brighton A&E at 0445 this morning. Anc it is quite true what is being said on the news. GP surgeries reluctance for in person consultations, does not work well when you feel ill, and are perhaps more frightened due to the last couple of years of madness. There were a lot of people being triaged for A&E, that almost certainly a local doctor could have dealt with. And as a result, a constant firefight and very long waits. But, as I finally emerged, the metal gone from my finger, wind was light Northerly, so, I decided, sleep is for those with the luxury of time. I would push on. I had though, told my Essex anglers due down for the second sailing, to try another date.

We pushed out into a glorious sunrise, complete with birds going crazy. Which included a LARGE flock of cormorant. And also, into a lumpy sea. Wind was now more East than North, and this was perhaps having a bit of a wind over tide effect, with the flood tide petering out still. Whatever the reason, the sounder was lit up with fish, so a good reason to get a feel for the swells right there.

Very first cast from Liam, and a cracker of a fish took his Axia Mighty minnow. Weighed aboard on a very bouncy sea the scale was running between 8.5 and 9.5, but I suggested erring on caution, and we agreed 8.75. Not a bad start to Liam's BIF1 career. We cracked on, and quickly put the numbers up to 18 fish, with just two others over the 42cm, and all released. We left the smalls behind, to have a look for better quality fish,.

Snag is, the breeze was now in its predicted Southerly direction and was pushing the already borderline swells more towards distinctly uncomfortable. I finally pulled the plug after two hours, by which time we had found another five, better quality fish, with a brace destined for keeping the wife happy for Max. Liam, Jack and Mike however, were happy to swerve the grief of prep and released all. Twenty three bass to 8,75lb, in two hours fishing. Things getting feisty... And yet... Likely the last sailing for perhaps the next seven days or so. Big winds, with big rain. The inshore always takes a while to recover from such things even if the seas are flat. As always, time will tell.

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