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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th September 2021

Bit of a quickie blog I am afraid, as I am attempting to be sociable tonight. Doesn't happen often. First sailing, and four top guns returning. Paul, Scott, Jon and Bill. I headed back offshore (for me...) , where, as well as the dolphins, we also witnessed a very stunning sunrise indeed.

First stab, some fish,, but not many. Drifts were fantastic due to pretty much zero winds. Was a bit of a puzzle. Second stab, and bingo. Here we put together a nice haul. All fish required for the pot were killed, and plenty more over the 42 released. No big beasts, but with fish to 4lb, and plenty of them, lots of reel screaming action. Final tally, 22 bass landed, as well as mackerel gurnards and of course, too many cuttlefish.

Bill was keen for some mackerel also. Instead of the feathers, I gave him the 14gm Axia Mighty Minnow to play with. And it worked a treat, meaning the chunkier mackerel hit it, and the majority stayed on.

Second sailing, and it was a family affair, Steve, his wife Catherine, and his two daughters, Becca and Steph. We headed out on lovely calm seas, but into a SW breeze. This rather messed up my drift, although Becca did manage a nice fish, on her very first cast (both the girls took to the casting very well indeed). "That's it, I'm done" she joked. Steve also managed a small.

But actually, the wind increased, and so did the waves. Poor Steph was whitening quite fast. Steve had fessed up that (they are all on holiday here) they had indulged heavily the evening prior, and I feel it may have been more alcohol related than sea sickness. So, we decided to put in. The ladies stepped ashore, and I headed out again, with just Steve. And we found some fish, bumping up the take to eight, with four in the fish well, to give some idea of the quality out there. Plus mackerel and gurnards of course . And then, it was all over, and time to come back in.

Third sailing. assembled, and knowing it had got a bit lumpy, I also lifejacketed. We headed out, and motored back to where I had just been catching. But even as I did my demo cast, we got smacked by some pretty big breaking waves. Safety always first, nobody argued when I suggested we abandon.

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