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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th August 2020

Just the one sailing this morning, due to the wind forecast, and it was my greatest pleasure to welcome friends Philip and Abody on board. Philip is a regular angler, although only recently getting going with lure fishing. Abody was a pure novice. My favourite type as I can mould them into how I want them to fish, without previously learned bad habits hampering the tutorial.

I was expecting similar fishing to yesterday evening, but the bass simply were not there in the same numbers. Indeed, it was quite slow fishing. Bait fish a plenty marking on the sounder, but far fewer bass than recent times.

Add to that I didnt have finger trained anglers on board, as I did last night, and the final tally of five fish was actually quite respectable. The guys left with new skills, big smiles, and three fish for the table. Once they left I popped back out for a couple of drifts over one of my favourite cod marks. But again, only horse mackerel were buzzing the spot. Any day now.

Snag is, other than possibly Thursday, it is looking like wind for the next seven days. Back to autumn it would seem. Does leave me freed up for some shore work though. So, if I have promised you a shore or fly session when the wind blows, call me now. Shore rates are £20 per angler per hour, maximum 2 anglers. Likely will be bait work or river lure fishing.

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