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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th August 2022

First sailing, and Max, David, and Roman (he who makes those AMAZING high quality squid and cuttle jigs), all returning, were joined by John, new to BIF1, but suitably grabbed by light line lure fishing that I suspect we will see him again. Perhaps real soon. It does kind of grab you...

The fishing itself was, at best, OK. Sort of the theme of this year to date. I talk with many other bass fishers, both commercial, and private boat, and shore, and all agree. The stock is not really where we were hoping it would be at, especially after four years of restrictions put in place to reverse the decline. While B.A.S.S. (pro conservation or pro conversation... Jury is out) continue to campaign for a three fish limit for anglers out of fairness, due to the expected boom in stock, those that are among the fish daily, can see the need to reduce to a single fish, else none at all. And a three month close season from commercial activity, would do a lot to allow the spawning aggregations to do their thing unmolested. If we want to see future recovery, the whole thing needs revisiting.

Sizes were down. Of the dozen fish landed, just two were taken for the table. I have to keep reminding myself this is August, not June. In fact, I'm not sure if June wasnt better fishing. Deffo a strange year compared to all years previously. Could it be those super trawlers that run the channel off Brighton every winter that is affecting our fun? Australia banned them for a reason.

Second sailing, and my pleasure to welcome aboard Ollie, who had booked the boat for fly fishing fun. As we headed out, we could see the dark clouds, and the distant booming, of a storm, many miles to the South East. With the young flood, it made for perfect fly conditions. And Ollie's biggest desire was to catch his first bass on the fly. Just six casts later, mission accomplished. We landed six fish, all quality schoolies, before the first flash much closer caught my eye. Looking to the horizon, it was apparent we were not going to miss it. Even as we sped towards the marina, it fell. I'm still damp as I type... Abandoned due to fear of frying...

Third sailing, and the timing was tight. It looked as though three o clock, was the right time for all the weather to have gone, leaving no winds, and the last bit of flood, and the best bit of the ebb. Joining regulars Mark, and Roman, back again while his wife is away, was David and David, son of David. The David's were there to find out more about lure fishing, and if it is fun. I think they found it fun. And yet, it was a very hard session

So hard, Mark caught two gurnard and a bream before he found his first bass. Young David helped the bass count along, with the cracker that made the David's today's cover girls, and Roman found his desire, by deploying some amazingly small jigs, made by himself of course, to find cuttlefish. He also added a table bass which bought the tally for the session to just seven bass. It's really hard going this year.

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