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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th July 2022

First sailing, and out in a rather stiff Easterly breeze. Nothing unsafe, and just about surface lurable. With me were Sam, Josh and Toby, all returning. And I was very upbeat about the prospects ahead of us. Everything looked great for a full on fish filled surface water extravaganza. When will I ever learn...

We had two fish on two close in reefs, and then I set up for the main event. We cast. "Dolphin" said Sam, in that happy way many people react to dolphins. My heart sank. Not just dolphin. Over twenty in a mixed family group, and feeding very hard indeed. Rude gits ignored the boat to play with when I offered it, and did not respond to my communication. Instead, they were smashing either bass or mullet, and even throwing them to one another. Very focused, and oblivious to our presence.

Nothing was oblivious to their presence however, and as I followed the direction they had come from, we marked many fish, all flattened to the sea bed. Nothing wanting to hit lures even fished deep. We had to do a massive relocation before we found anything, but at the same time the wind swung to the South East and the roll became uncomfortable, and the lures much more difficult to control.

With just thirty minutes of the session to run we toughed it out, and I am glad we did as another three fish were landed, all for the table. We all agreed we had enjoyed the session, and seeing the dolphins. And we all agreed we never want to see dolphins while fishing ever again.

And yet, first sailing seemed amazing by the end of the third sailing. 2nd sailing was cancelled due to wind over tide bounciness, but third sailing, although a little bouncy initially, settled as the wind dropped, just as the forecast suggested. On board, Danny and his lad Aiden, and Tim and Paul. All returnees. The problem was, all those whitebait shoals, had scarpered other than a few pockets here and there.

By the end of the three hours, just one schoolie. I bolted on more time, and headed for some shallows. Here at least, Aiden was briefly attached to a quality fish, and another take was missed. Leaving the tally exactly ... one small schoolie. Amazing how two days can be so different.

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