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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th June 2021

First up, and new to BIF1, a fluff chucking trio. Hugh, Bart and Jeff. With only two rods being worked at any one time, it worked rather well. All of an excellent standard, they worked the rods to perfection. And, caught bass. Nothing big, sadly, but lots of fun. And lots of follows. I have placed a special order to my Kenyan tier, and asked my guy Steve at Fulling mill to bring a specific surface fly when he comes on the 21st. Which incidentally, is a FLY ONLY trip requiring a 2nd rod at £80. Fly is definitely looking up. I have also got some help with the pin fry on its way... Watch this space... Does anyone else think that is a dumb saying. What space?? But, you get my point.

Next up, Martin, Steve and TJ, on a Fins & Forks fodder trip. A pretty tough one as it turned out. I was hoping the plaice would be the main event, but they were playing hardball. I pretty quickly turned out a couple of hoover rigs, and we managed some mackerel. TJ was playing a blinder, and also managed the real prize, a prime cuttlefish. Plaice did succumb also, but just one for the table. But enough for a whole repertoire of techniques to be displayed by Mike King, the extremely talented chef behind the concept.

Final sailing, and individuals, all returnee's. Benny, Nick, Ian and Armando. Plaice, happily, were a little more obliging, and mackerel also were showing in greater numbers. Nick scored a table fish on some outer rock, and then, we finished up on the spot where I had taken my fly anglers this morning. And fish were everywhere. Still mostly obsessed with pin fry, but, with persistence, some also fell to hard plastics. The amazing "Sakura Mr Joe" and of course the ever popular "Heddon one knocker Spook". Great to see so many splashes and takes. Fun fun fun. Finally feeling like summer, regardless of the cloud, and drizzle.

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