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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th June 2022

BIF1 sadly was retained by my glass fibre wizard, GRP Joe, for an extra 24 hours due to the deck forward of the bulkhead also been blown. This meant sailings last night and all today were cancelled to allow stuff to dry. I'm not sure what stuff. That's why I pay for GRP joe. But I do know when I collected it just in time to run a 1800 sailing, moved from 1500, I was very happy indeed. And now finally, I have the drainage holes I should have had prior. Its all a learning curve. That one being a 3k learning cliff...

It did mean I was able to welcome back Martin, who had bought with him, birthday boy Austin, and friends Stuart and Richard. All claimed to have fished lightly, some saying not since childhood. It didnt take long before they were all casting and fishing like pro's. Not that is mattered. Fish were being particularly tight lipped, and only very tight pockets of bass, among oceans of bait fish. I made the decision to hunt the crab eaters, and fished the areas I know attract both velvet swimmers and spider crabs, both of which are abundant just now.

In some respects it paid off. Austin nailed a cracker. I didnt measure or weigh it, but it was clearly way over the max 59cm kill size operated on my craft. But that one fish, and a couple of mackerel, was all we managed. For the last half hour, I relented and headed to a spot where small fish are usually plentiful. And they clearly were on the sonar, and yet, even these wee ones were reluctant. I think we nicked three from the thousands down there. Not the most productive sessions, but the guys walked away with new rod skills, and boosted confidence. So, some value at least.

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