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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th September 2022

First sailing, and out with MoMo, and his father-in-law Lutz. Momo is a very keen blogger and online lure seller himself that I use for my black bass requirements. MoMo's time in Brighton by the sea, is by his own admission, dragging him away from being a perch and pike angler, to becoming more and more the bass angler. And the mission this morning was purely to see father-in-law attached to a topwater bass.

Lutz only has until tomorrow, before he returns to his native Germany, so there was a hint of pressure. But in the end, we got him attached to plenty. It was quite a prolific morning, and another observation I made was how good MoMo's singles were, with not so many bouncing off. Much safer for the fish, and much safer for the person unhooking, which is mostly me. Also far less chance of seagull hookup's. I have asked for a link, which I will share, and encourage others to try, for all the above reasons.

Final tally was fifteen landed, and plenty more hooked, dropped, missed the lure etc. Not a bad result for 3 rods in 3 hours. Lutz was very happy, which made MoMo very happy, which of course, I dont care about. I got paid though. So, everybody was happy.

Next up. Andy and Joel, new to BIF1, but suspect returning, whom I cancelled their last sailing yesterday. It was Joel's birthday trip (the whole weekend, with shore fishing, beer drinking etc all scheduled in... What a pal!!) so I was really pleased I could get them out. They were joined by Al, returning, and regular Dave.

A really fun trip, but I was initially struggling to find fish. I thought it was going south after an hour with just a small one to show. But then I tried a very shallow spot I used to fish a lot and havent really tried much this year. Neptune was kind. We banged fourteen fish out this sailing, although Al really went to the line to get his. After perhaps three or four completely all over it but refusing to grab, including one proper fish, likely 65cm, even as he was landing his first ever bass, the alarm was sounding for end of session.

Final sailing was the rock hard one that seems to have to appear every day. This time, the wind had increased significantly, and again. I simply struggled to find fish. And yet, pressure was already off as on a previous trip, Richard had explained that, with used to be regular Paul over from his forever home in France, it was much more about them and Garry and Craig, who all feature in previous blog episodes way back, all getting together afloat. The fishing was secondary.

Im guessing Neptune took it as a kindness then, to make this really hard. While I ran a control shad around, the guys kept going on the top. But end result, was much laughter, yet just two bass landed, and just one, from Craig, for the table. Perhaps we were laughing too loud... perhaps I will create a NO LAUGHING policy on future trips, and see if the results improve... Still one space available on tomorrow (SUNDAY) 1100 sailing. First to text 07970 112774 secures. WRAP WARM EVERYONE TOMORROW PLZ

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