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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th July 2022

First sailing, and I was very hopeful. On board, Scott and Ash, returning, joined by Rob (being treated to the trip by his wife. He is a very lucky guy!) and David, who I think is new to BIF1, although I feel, will be back some more.

And that despite actually fairly slow fishing. With the start being 0530, it was all about topwaters for most of the session. Lots of missed takes, fish bouncing off etc. Just nine actually landed, and none really needed the net. Quite small. Nothing for the table. No. That isnt accurate. Rob landed a table fish, but while unhooking it, it flipped. Fish juggling is a practiced art. Rob hasn't got it. The fish bounced off his hands, and his dinner sped downwards to bury in the deep rock, likely to contemplate those last five minutes... A nice wrasse did pop up but poor compensation. Incredibly depressing, and it left me worried for the following sailing.

Because next along was Dylan and Oscar, bringing along the birthday boy the trip was in honour of. Mike. Dylan's godfather, Oscars Uncle. Dylan is a very keen chef, and the last time the lads were out with me, last year, we had a pretty poor session. And I had just said goodbye to four very competent anglers that I had not had to donate fish bags to.

Maybe it was Neptune having pity, or maybe simply the timing of the trip with the early flood, Whatever it was, despite the building carnage from personal watercraft. the bait AND the bass were chasing hard, And the bass were nice sizes. No monsters, but maximum kill, and plenty table from the total tally of sixteen fish were returned.

Final sailing was delayed to 1800 because of the heat. But actually, as regulars Scott and Stuart agreed, it wasnt actually so hot. Quite worst. I called a target of ten fish, as we were in the land of bigger fish. And bigger fish than in the morning we caught. A few for the table from the total of eight landed. Not terrible. A couple of decent fish lost as well.

Now, a couple of days off it would seem. Gives me time to update the ticker with remaining available dates. Remember, the ticker is really just to highlight short notice slots. You dont have to wait to book.

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