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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th July 2020

Final day of four a day sailings for 2020. I didn't quite reach the skeletal form I achieved last high summer, as the actual lock down saw an awful lot of Jaffa cakes down my throat, with the only exercise being to hit the pause button on the remote, that I did not miss any of "Buffy the vampire slayer" when making tea to accompany said Jaffa Cakes. I had quite the paunch to be proud of for a while. But 0450 starts, and midnight or later bed, on non - windy days is quite an exercise regime. Paunch is now returned to slightly concave, and I am quite happy to return to 3 sailings a day (0700 - 1100 - 1500) whilst the light allows for it. Less money, but at my ripe old age, I simply could not sustain more than a couple of months of such a routine.

First up, were regulars Charlie and Garry. And back to the current situation. Not many fish, although what fish we did find were quality fish. Out of the 7 fish landed in the 3 hours, 3 were killed to make the journey up the road, along with some jumbo mackerel. This is kind of how it is at the moment. If you are coming bassing with me in the next couple of days, practice your finger power techniques at every opportunity and arrive as the coiled spring. Takes are too precious to waste

2nd sailing , and it was out with Ran, Will and Will's lovely partner Annie. Sadly, we came out into a fairly stiff Westerley breeze, so the sea was rolling. And to top it all, after a short while, some heavy rain came along as well. But did it dampen our spirits? Totally did mine to be fair, but the guys just shrugged it off and kept on going. Very determined, it was enough to again put half a dozen bass onto the boat, with mackerel byecatch. Also a couple of plaice from a very brief 20 minute try. Vegeterian Annie, promised to eat the fish that Will caught... I will be asking questions about it next time...

3rd sailing David came along. He wanted the whole boat to try something out. To protect his thought process, I will say no more... This session actually started quite busy, but with an hour to run, the tide competely vanished and we were scratching around for just one more fish. Another tally of 7.

4th sailing and the familiar faces of Jimmi, Kev and Tom came to join me. Banter was good, conversation engaging, fishing a total struggle. Maybe just four this session, and only one going up the road for dinner...

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