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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th July 2021

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

My last four sailings day, until daylight increases again in mid May 2022. I haven't done so many this year. I did as many as I could last year, but as well as the physical toll, there is also the problem of notifying people sailing at 0600 that their trip is on after consulting forecasts around 2200. And I must say, as I sit here struggling to remember the highlights of the first session, it does seem an extraordinary long day.

First sailing seems like yesterday already. However, the highlight of the first sailing, with Mitch and Max, was actually a new PB for Max, 68cm and weighed at 6.5-6.75.. I do feel very confident it will be imminently broken though. It seems like September fishing might be coming sooner. Certainly, if you can avoid the lure of the birds, which were in biblical proportions today, enjoying huge fields of Whitebait, being pushed to the surface by schoolies and horse mackerel, with some big Atlantic mackerel also having a go. Why avoid? Well, size does matter at this time of the year. Crab and goby hunters. Bronzed and beautiful from their time in among the brown weed, hunting crustacea and rock fishes, come out bigger than those bright silver fish of the open water, spending their entire time inhaling whitebait, for very little effort.

Which raises a question... Were these fish previously out harrying whitebait, and then got fed up eating them? Or did the arrival of a zillion smalls push them to the rocks? Some questions, many questions, only a bass can answer in the absence of a 10 million pound research budget. But we can draw our own conclusions and act on them. And it seems to be working.

Just twelve bass in total, with Mitch also finding a gurnard for variety. However, four of them went up the road, one I took, and another four over the limit returned. Just 3 smalls. That, in my book, between 3 rods, is pretty good for three hours fishing. And the guys agreed. Which is always a relief.

Next up, the return of three generations. Grandad John, Dad Pete, and sons Lewis and Samuel. Just enough tidal run to fish the spots, and fish were happening straight away. Everyone fished really well, and everyone caught fish. I was worried about the latter pat, but we went and played among the birds, and managed to score further table fish by utilising large hard plastics to deter the schoolies. A lot of fun had by all.

Thirds sailing, James, Charlie, Fred and Dom came to play. All uber keen, with the tiniest bit of fine tuning, for the lads, Fred and Dom, picked up really well, and also for the benefit of Charlie. Now, Charlie happens to be a javelin instructor. And, he really took on board the release point being same as a javelin, and was actually out casting me within ten casts, which is something no beginner has ever done to me before. Amazing. Fred and Dom, got to it a little slower, but all were incredibly competent, and in Charlies case, excellent, casters by the end of the session. And the session was rich with fish also. Double figures, with five going up the road.

Fourth and final sailing, Jack and Matt. Both with fascinating jobs. Well, passions really. Foxhounds for one, and the other, runs a country sports travel agency, covering all aspects of shooting, with some fishing, an arena actively being expanded. Check out ATLAS SPORTING if your zoom world allows.

This session also made double figures, and provided for a stunning sunset. But sizes were suddenly less good. None the less, the whole gig quite grabbed the guys, definitely their kind of thing. And a brace went up the road for culinary action. A long, but actually great day, reflected in the photo's I like to think.


My first price rise, since beginning in May 2017. FROM 1ST OCTOBR 2021 A whole boat charter ( max 4 ) will now be at a cost of £200. All other prices remain unchanged, Including FLY WHOLE BOAT CHARTER which is still at £160 (Max 2)

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