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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th May 2022

Just managed to get one sailing in, before a stiff SW breeze destroyed lure control for the day. Joining me, Tom and Mitch, both regulars. And a repeat of the last couple of days really. As I warmed the engine and prepared the rods, I envisaged getting offshore, but between this time and meeting the guys the wind really picked up, perhaps a constant 20mph, from the NW. This actually only gave me a small window of operation, and had it been forecast, I would have cancelled the trip. Such is the nature of floaty life, I hadnt, and with Sam here from Cuckfield, and Mitch from North London, "sorry guys" wasnt going to cut it. We headed out.

Happily, after 30 minutes the wind once more subsided to what was forecast, a light NW breeze, and we started to find the fishes. First three to the boat were all table fish, a bit of a lift from previous trips, although only 45's. Some smalls as well. A horrible and heavy rain shower descended upon us, which meant we all hastily donned our waterproof trousers. Although Mitch, on pulling out his waterproof trousers, discovered he had two waterproof jackers instead. He ended up with wet legs...

Final tally, we just got into double figures. Plus a rogue plaice, to Tom, as pretty much all fish are involved in depleting the endless baby sand eels. One more table fish, to my rod, and the rest smalls. But still, even despite the weather, somehow a most enjoyable session. Wont be long before the inshore heats up dramatically. Once those crabs start changing their skins, it is looking like we might have a very good season indeed.

On returning, we had breakfast, I then cleaned and re-fuelled the boat. After that, I went and took some underwater footage with my Savage Gear Water-wolf. Or so I thought. On opening it, the seal had failed, and although I have content, it wont replay. A real shame, as the bass were in an absolte frenzy, and were smashing into the camera often. I have now ordered a rip off of a go pro, so hopefully I will be able to re-take that content tomorrow. Looking like two sailings, and once more the wind will come in to destroy the last one. Incidentally, if you would like to see more videos, reflecting mostly bass behaviour, search for my channel "Fishyrob" on Youtube.

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