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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st August 2022

August... Mmm... the month the cod arrive on the rocks... Less and less each year. Lets see what this year brings. Meanwhile, back on the bass. Joining me for the first and only sailing of the day, was Chris and David, returning, and Dan and his dad Neil new to BIF1. Both had agreed to an earlier start, as I wanted to get as much of the ebb tide as possible, so at 0530, we were on our way.

A surprising easterly breeze, as the forecast had been all about winds with N in them. This made my destination, after a quick scout in close just in case, was actually quite bumpy. But the fish I was looking for were there. Table fish in reasonable numbers. We had five in the fish well before a mirror of earlier in the week, when the wind pushed more ESE. and the seas became too lumpy to remain out there.

Back inshore, we were happy to finish the session hitting the big shoal of mostly small bass currently smashing anchovies close to the shingle. The tally got to 25 and I stopped counting. Lots of fun, but actually, I was happier on the deeper water and bigger fish. Second sailing had been called on, as the forecast the evening before, had suggested ideal conditions until 1400. However, all agreed after a quick skip through the large wind over tide swell, that it was better to save it for another time.

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