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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st June 2022

June already!!! Wow. A mixed bag of news today.. First the fishing, which in some respects improved. First sailing, I had John, Max, Mitch and Darren. All returnee's, which makes my life easier. Once more we headed out into green seas, but zero tumbling yuk on the sounder. Instead, simply thousands of bass.

Yep, you are now expecting to see tales of battles and silver. And there was silver, and even some battle. Of the ten fish landed this morning, no less than five were for the table. But ten fish from many thousands?? Read Junes blog, since it was written. One of the last big challenges that Neptune still hides the resolution of, is in full swing. The curse of the micro fry.

Second sailing, I retained Max and John, and added new to BIF1 Steve. And out onto a quite different sea. The forecast increase in wind had begun earlier than the forecast suggested. But with the wind flecked water, an amazing sign of change emerged. Just the breeze created ripples, were making white water. Why is that exciting? Today is the day, the may rot died. And even during that session, the water began to hint at blue, rather than green, for the first time in a couple of weeks. Happy days.

Not that it solves the micro fish problem. Again, I had my locations spot on. Many thousands of bass swam beneath BIF1 before we had to throw in the towel to bouncy seas. And again, just ten broke from their 1 cm meal obsession, and zero from that for the table. Pretty poor fishing, and yet, Steve was beaming from his first BIF1 bass, and Max and John even seemed happy for the two hours of rock and roll. Third sailing was sadly cancelled, but I must admit, I am very exited to see what colour sea we have in the morning.

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