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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st September 2020

WTF!!! September already. Excuse my language but wow. This rollercoaster of a ride just keeps on accelerating. Such a crazy year. As much as many people like to remember where they were for major events, such as 9/11, I really could do without remembering where I was when the biggest August gale on record according to some sketchy news source claims, was smashing our coast. At home like any sensible person. Not that I am actually anywhere close to sensible, you understand. And here we are, with September already. Now, last September, seemed to be when the wind began in 2019, and kind of didnt stop until 1st lockdown this year. That's what lingers in the darker recesses of my memory.

Lets see what happens this year, as August was cut in half for sure. At the moment, looking ok other than a blip on Thursday. Longer range forecast looking pretty good at the moment also, although as we all know, that often doesn't really mean very much. We shouldn't keep knocking the weather forecaster's though. No, we should find out where they live, and take it up personally. It has become that frustrating.

I had that sinking feeling this morning, when, as unwrapping BIF1, the 0-2 MPH forecasted winds had yet again become stiff Northerlies to welcome Sam and Richard. Initial idea was blown away by nets, and lack of fish. Dolphins are still around these spots, so I don't really blame the bass for wanting to be elsewhere. I decided to put some miles in the other way, where we continued to struggle a little. As always, keep on moving till you find the fish. Eventually, we finally found a patch that were happy to feed, ending up with 8 fish, of reasonable quality. It was quite towards the end of the session that we knocked up to what it appearing to be the average for each 3 hour session.

Next up, regular Darren, and his friend Neil, and Neil's lad Camron. By now, the wind had genuinely eased to very light. With warm sunshine also thrown into the mix, it was really a great day to be afloat. And with Neil and Camron being keen freshwater enthusiasts, using what pretty much is freshwater gear wasn't such a big jump so the skills were all there. Just needed the skipper to find the fish. This I had thought, might be simply a case of returning to where I had just been. Except, an observant Kayaker that had been out and perhaps witnessed those catches earlier was now anchored on the particular set of rough where those fish had come from. Fair do's. Although if bassing, IMHO, anchoring limits your catch potential enormously. I didn't really see. He might have been breaming or fishing baits for all I know. I searched outside and inside of him, but nothing much doing. Camron was first away, and actually, was top rod with I think two of the six fish final score. Maybe even 3.

Happily, dad Neil also caught, and so did trip organiser Darren, rewarded with the biggest fish of the day, weighed at 5.5lb. So, despite the hard fishing, big smiles all round. as they made their way back to darkest Essex. Or it looked like it might have been dark, by the heavy clouds beginning to assemble over the back of the south downs.

They didnt do anything other than look magnificently dangerous and brooding in the end. Happily. As next group out, was all about happy. Regular Steve, had bought along both daughter Millie and son Harry. All very happy hearts and souls. Despite having the tail end of the tide, things were going to be fun. And fun it turned out to be.

Fishing wise, it reflected the conditions to the point. Happily, Millie was top rod, with seven fish. That they were mackerel, really didnt matter, as she was as proud as a proud thing. And even better, only two were for the table, with the other four, being for my bait freezer, as Thursday is looking like shore potential with a burst of SW wind. Steve managed a nice bass for the table, and Camron and I knocked a couple more out, although for return. Or I might have that the wrong way around. Its late...

However it was, it was fun. These guys fish well together, with zero animosity which perhaps is quite unusual among siblings. It was certainly my pleasure to facilitate their family bonding session. Big smiles, and most importantly, fresh fish for grandad, hard earned. And the icing on the cake? As we were transitioning for the final few drifts of the day, a mother Bottlenose and her calf, swimming tightly together which to me said "protective mode" so I did not get too close. But lovely to see, and pretty much a perfect ending for the kids. Steve and I would have preferred that 20lb cod, but, hey ho... A dolphin sighting is better than a crack off, as nobody has likely ever said before...

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