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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st September 2021

Still got those NE winds. But having now done battle with them for over a week now, I have developed new drifts, to the point that first sailing today, when they were not blowing anywhere near as forecast, I actually missed them, as I couldnt do two of the drifts I have developed, due to not being pushed across the tide quick enough. It still remains that experienced lure rods will do better in these situations, as the ability to know what your lure is up to, that makes all the difference between catching or not. And with all four new introductions to BIF1 I have to say, I was a bit nervous.

I shouldn't have been though. All the guys had very good rod skills, so it was simply a matter of introducing them to finger power. And putting them on fish of course. Mick, Mike, Arvid and Jack all picked it up very well indeed. Quite unusual, as first timers can struggle. Usually they then depart, think about it, come back and nail it. But I was happy to issued their certificates of achievement within 30 minutes (theoretical certificates I am afraid. I dont actually give them out) .

Final tally was sixteen bass, with about 50/50 quality fish versus smalls. And everyone buzzing at the end about the action they had enjoyed. I wonder what might happen when they return... Cafe, then off again. And for second sailing I had the absolute pleasure of young Leo once more, accompanied by dad Peter. Again a little nervous, as the terrible middle sailing the day before still haunted me. And now the wind was much stronger. But, by really mixing it up we actually managed to land 8 bass, although mostly smalls bar a couple. Plus gurnard, mackerel and cuttle fish by-catch. Leo was over the moon, as not only had he caught some nice fish,. but he has stuff to cook, his second hobby. Win win!!

Third sailing, was cancelled by mutual agreement. I was very aware it was family fun, with the family travelling down from London, so I gave them the option. But on hearing of grey skies, tough fishing and a chilly wind, they opted to re-schedule. Leaving me time for a cheeky little go ashore up to dark.

Sadly, few fish showed on this tiny tide. I saw a mackerel landed along the way ( a few rods out tonight) but actually landed just one very small schoolie. Yet, it didnt really matter. It is a rare pleasure for me to fish the shore at the moment, and I loved every second.

Wind forecast from tomorrow through the weekend has now deteriorated. Not cancelled as yet, as each trip is decided approx 1900 the evening prior. But, that is a likely outcome. Stronger winds with a bit too much east in them. Time, as always, will tell...

Third sailing was cancelled by mutual consent. The family, travelling down from London, was really after warm sun for family fun. That certainly wasn't happening today. And sailings would appear in jeopardy now until Monday. if the forecast is correct. More days lost to wind... Anyone know a heaving tourist city in a land where winds are more predictable?

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