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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th July 2023

Just the one sailing today, in part due to wind arriving later in the day, and dentistry in the middle part. Although as I type, it would appear the stiffening SW winds have arrived ahead of time, so perhaps the dentist actually saved disappointment, as I would have called the 2nd sailing on based on the forecast.

With me, all been aboard before. Max, David, Ian and Jon. And straight into fish. A good one lost first drift in the super shallows. Then some bird chasing to get to double figures in smalls. The some running around to find some bigger fish, which actually worked for a change, with the tally being raised to twenty four landed, fish killed for all those who wanted and other table fish returned.

Biggest two were 57cm, which isnt so bad considering how this season is going, as 60cm plus fish are in extremely short supply this year so far in Sussex seas. A most enjoyable three hours. And far more preferable than the forty five minute session I am about to pay stupid money for...

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