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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th May 2022

First sailing, and welcoming aboard returnee's Mark, Harry, Ian and his friend Andrew. Andrews first time on BIF1, as his regular life is working as a golf pro in Hong Kong! Which is why it was really cool that he caught two of the just five bass landed this morning, and even cooler, he did it in very heavy rain. Not sure why thats cool, other than all my guys were heroes for fishing in it. It was forecast, and so I did pre-warn them about being extra waterproof.

However, fishing on an open boat in heavy rain is not especially nice. Moving between marks at 25 knot especially horrible. Perhaps worse for me, as closing my eyes tight and dragging my hood over my face does not do much for navigating. Just the one table fish as well, which Mark landed.

With thirty minutes to run, and on the bottom tide, I relocated to a reef where there is usually some action on the early flood. But casting my eyes around my crew, I spotted signs of endurance, rather than enjoyment. When I floated the idea for an early bath, all eyes lit up. Nobody was upset by the proposal. We headed in. All further trips were cancelled, as the wind had revised, and instead of 1600, it was now due at 1100. Looks likely only Sunday will be sailable this weekend, and I am still waiting for a good forecast for next week. A great time for anyone waiting for river work, or shore bass on baits. to contact me. 07970 112774

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