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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th November 2020

With ten days since the last sailing due to wind, Mark had fished with me often enough to know that first trip after a blow rarely produces frantic action. Too long off the fish for the skipper, so changes in behaviour need to be learned all over again in whatever mood they are in. Bait fish absent or in little pockets desperately trying to find each other again, and bass scattered with it.

And so it was. No big numbers at all. Indeed just 3 bass and a couple bounced off for the three hours of fishing. Only by-catch was big chunky pouting. But of the 3 bass, two pulled back hard, the 3rd being a schoolie. Even from this, if I was sailing tomorrow, it would be enough to expand from. Sadly though, wind suggesting it might be Sunday afternoon before we get out again.

Which is the way 2nd sailing today has gone. Cancelled due to a SW breeze. Still some quality fish from the shore at the moment though, so if you find your session cancelled, please do enquire about what shore options are available. £20 per hour, all tackle supplied. Usually bait fishing.

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