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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st April 2024

With a vey strong Northerly wind being forecast to be slightly less strong for the first few hours of daylight, and with three of my most experienced rods scheduled to sail, after consulting with them, they decided they would like to give the sailing a go. The problem inshore is not waves, as the seas are flat for the first half a mile (although they quickly deteriorate beyond that) but the speed that the boat is sent across the tide. Can be extremely difficult to stay in touch with the lure.

With wind strengths forecast to increase later in the day, either way it was to be the only sailing, so, although not confident of a good result, I was happy enough to take the helm and taxi Stuart, Scott and Lee out to where I took a stab the fish might be. Another area rich in rock worm, but much closer in than my other spot.

A great stab as it turned out, with fish from the first cast, and at a steady pace all the way through the session. A few really good piles of bass showing on the sounder which bodes really well for all of this weeks early sailings (Spaces available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). And quality fish as well, the biggest making 63.5cm on the measure, and being fat and full of roe, puts the fish in the 6.5lb bracket, with some other top quality fish in support.

Final tally for the trip was 23 bass landed. Luckily for the bass, all returner types on board, so the blodger was not deployed. Big smiles from guys who fished really well in very difficult conditions, which happily are lessening for the coming week, before Armageddon at the weekend, based on the current forecast. Might be some pump and surf options then...

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