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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st August 2023

Cod Accumulative Total = 1

They're here!! Well, they have actually been here for over three weeks, but the wind simply hasn't allowed for any determined hunting. Joining me for the only sailing of the day, before wind removed later options, were returnee's David, Richard and Mose, and Mose bought his friend Paulo along also, as he visits from Italy.

Italy is a very different country in many respects. One being an absolute reverence for mackerel. The fish that we take for granted in the UK, is sought by specialist charters, with whole tackle lines dedicated to their capture. Apparently, simply feathering does nothing for Italian mackerel! As such, Paulo was delighted with some very fat, super eating specimens that began the session. Bass also began to show, but the first decent net fish was by Mose, with the first cod aboard BIF1 of what, if the wind allows, is likely to be a very good season indeed. By recent standards.

Those fish of 1.5lb last year, are the fish we are seeing this year. And I hope lots survived a summer of feeding up on the wrecks, before they head inshore for the crabs on the rocks. Very specific crabs as well. Very small with oversized claws. Same as I have found at Chesil, another cod concentration. Time will tell but 4-5lb fish are likely to be the norm by the end of October. Final tally was 11 bass landed. Maybe more. Best was David with a 61cm cracker, his best from BIF1 to date. One not far off that for Mose. Plus that cod. Lots of big mackerel, a couple of gurnard and a bream completed the species. Not tragic for a 3 hour bounce around.

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