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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st June 2022

First sailing Nick, Phil and Ian all returning. For the first time this year, as the wind has denied at least four times prior this gathering of friends. And more to come to ruin the weekends exploits it would seem. We set off, and I decided to run into some very shallow water for the first salvo. On surface lures. And that we straight away had success, and of course plenty of missed takes as the guys fine tuned the technique, took that havent sailed in a while stress out of me.

It wasnt a blind guess however. While I havent been able to sail due to screaming NE winds, it has created great conditions for lure fishing from the shore, and I had been taking full advantage with some good success. And so, I knew where to expect the fishes. Staying on the pulse, only possible with screaming NE winds.

Despite having theoretically the worst part of the tide, we managed to continue to find pockets of fish, and mark a lot of bait. The final tally was thirteen fish landed, with just three of those for the table. Not a terrible tally for three hours in June.

Second sailing, we welcomed aboard Joe, his uncle Eugene, and Dan, all new to BIF1, and returning for his penultimate trip before he emigrates to the emerald isle, Chris. I warned that the first hour, which incorporated the low, might be a bit slow, but I was expecting the new flood to be more productive.

And this is exactly how it worked out. Again pretty much all on topwater lures. Including, very impressively, his own hand made ones by Chris. By low water, we had just two bass landed, And a few splashes missed. By the end of session, we had recorded 26 bass landed, a full house of kills, and plenty more over the 42cm minimum landing size. One of the better sessions of the year so far. Nothing huge, biggest not even 4lb, but fantastic surface action, which is as exciting as it gets.

Third sailing, buoyed by this success, Dan and Chris remained, and were joined by Ray, new to BIF1, and returning Joe (but a different Joe from 2nd sailing). Hoping for more of the same, we were to be bitterly disappointed.. One table fish landed, plus a couple of plaice, including one to a shad from Ray, who actually was top rod. Schoolies also, but despite insane amounts of brit around, nothing feeding on it. Happy brit, eating the surface things that only brit know about. Quite the anti climax when compared to the previous couple of sessions.

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