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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st September 2020

1st sailing, and I was a bit miffed. The NE wind has swung to North, but was still really howling. I completely thought it would be the kiss of death for 1st sailing, especially having the low tide period to deal with. And as much as I am usually completely open and honest about the prospects, I decided to keep it to myself having dragged them out at silly o clock. Especially as I had "locals" on board.

Garry, who owns a gin palace plus a rib in the marina, and Phil, who these days wardens the fishing on the marina walls. These guys talk to people... It had to work... The only saving grace, was a noticeably quieter sea. This sowed a seed in my head, and with no other ideas germinating, we cracked on.

1st call, a small fish. 2nd call, excellent sport staggered in bursts until the end of the session. Ten fish, mostly in the 45cm + range, biggest... likely just shy of 5lb. Nice fish. And in very shallow water, which adds so much more oomph to their escape strategies. A really good session, and happy folk I was happy to let chat away to their hearts content, as they really enjoyed the light line lure experience.

2nd sailing, and I welcomed Ata, and uncles Abdul and Ali on board. First stop, and I quickly realised that rod skills were missing. One on one, no problem, but 3 on 1, on a small boat, safety first. I changed strategy, and headed for deeper water where vertical jigging would prove more effective.

Another good call. By the end of the session, we had laughed a real lot, eaten some most excellent home made food, and even managed five bass with two in the wells for supper, accompanied by scad and mackerel. I was hoping for a cod, but that was not to be. At the end of the session the triple A's, all agreed. It had been a great, fun, experience, and will be coming again soon. After some practice of new found casting skills, as it does expand the fishing a lot.

Third sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome the return of father and son Paul and Josh. On their previous visit, Josh had managed a good fish, which left Paul wanting. And even worse, Paul's wife wondering... It happens guys... straight up... And the modern woman can tell supermarket from fresh, I kid you not. So, his greatest wish, was one for the table.

We managed that fairly soon into the session, on the 2nd choice of spot. Nice fish, weighed later at 3lb 6oz. Big relief. And we managed another seven fish to go with it, before we lost the tide. Josh expressed a wish for a plaice, so we went with that. As I was doing the demo, the distinctive rattle of a plaice jumping on. So I was surprised to see a gurnard pop up. Indeed, plaice were saying no. So, we spent the last half hour fishing the manors reef close to the marina. One more bass, and a few tugs and bangs, and then, the bugger off bugler informed us it was time to go in.

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