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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd July 2020

Sometimes, I come home, and the fishing has been that hard that I can hardly bring myself to blog. The days results I do take personally, even if it is that nature has full control, and all I can do is my best. It still feels like a fail. So, why do I do this job? And this blog? Because I also have days where plans come together, and where my theory that I am somehow "looked after" shows further promise. And these days, I cannot wait to write this blog. Today, is one such day.

Catches these past two weeks, have been steadily declining, in both sizes and numbers. And the places to look, have been getting less and less. Well, today, whereas the latter remains perhaps true, the former is reversed, with nice numbers and much improved sizes. Which was quite handy, as for the first sailing, I had Carl and Alex, hosts of the youtube channel "Carl and Alex Fishing", a very long running channel, who's videos can attract audiences in excess of one million viewers. So, to go and hit schoolies was a worry. Not terribly entertaining. Especially as the last time they were out, with friend Steve, we had fish to 9lb.

We didnt have lots of fish. The guys had two each. I had four. Maybe more. Already I cannot remember as all sessions blur into one long session. But the quality was really up there compared to recent sailings. They launched a drone, which is something I keep considering investing in. That would liven the blog up, if the 20 minute run time was chosen when the fish were hammering. I cant wait to see the footage. Check out their channel, and their previous trip on

2nd sailing, and it was time for Stephen, and his grown up sons Georgio and Stelios. A few tweaks, and they were all fishing very well, adapting to the techniques in no time. Then, off for a bumble around hunting bass. Which we found, and which again were not in huge numbers, but some lovely fish among them.

We moved around a lot, and some places were really quite barren of anything. Others, threw up a few fish, including one very nice one for Georgio. But eventually, the fishing slowed to the point that I suggested fishing for plaice, which they were happy to do. And today, the plaice were erring towards bigger. "This is as much fun as the bass" Steven commented. High praise indeed, as he had also experienced the pull of a decent spikey. But I had to agree. These plaice pull REALLY hard.

3rd sailing, and Mark, James and Dan climbed on. Close friends, the trip was arranged by Marks partner as a birthday present. So it was great when it all came together rather well. I suggested we start with the plaice, to ensure everyone had something for the table, and then head onto the bass. As is often the case, all agreed. And the plaice were still having it. The smiles started. I think I heard giggles. These plaice REALLY pull REALLY hard.

An hour of that fun, saw 6 good plaice in the well, and plenty released. Onto the bass fishing. I threw all the eggs in one basket. We finished the session fishing one mark quite hard. And it paid off. Just two fish, but crackers both. And very happy guys. A really great day. Looks like I am going to squeeze one more session in the morning, and then the next blog likely to be Wednesday , as our old friend wind is coming to stay for a long weekend. Amazing.

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