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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd June 2022

A very poor day fishing wise. A nagging NE wind, that veered to E occasionally, and short tides combined to make it very tough going. First sailing. returnee's Jon and Robin were joined by Guiseppe and Matt, a brace of chefs and both new to BIF1.

I was hoping to mirror the previous day but it wasnt to be. The wind forced us to stay in close, and other than a few immense collections of brit, bass were very hard to find. Happily Matt did manage two small ones, and I had to do a draw at the end of the session for the one table bass that fell to my rod, but that was it. 3 bass, with super chunky mackerel as byecatch

Second sailing, and Jon remained, to be joined by new to BIF1 Justin. Justin, an avid kayak angler, was looking for new techniques. However, as much as he picked up the techniques well, the bass simply were not interested in anything we did. Jon was fishing for a family meal commitment, and switched to fishing for mackerel. This thankfully went well, and he soon has enough for the intended feast. Justin also joined in, as to return to London with no fresh seafood for his efforts would have been very wrong. But bass, a big no no. The combination of stiff breeze and crap fishing, meant remaining sailings were all cancelled.

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