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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd November 2020

Despite light winds, first sailing was cancelled, owing to a large rolling SW swell. I was hoping it would be gone by 2nd sailing, but although it reduced, it is still out there as I type this. But 2nd sailor, that man Mark again, was happy to get out and see how it went. He has had an amazing run of luck for picking the right sailings for the weather!! I might get him to buy me some lucky dips from the lottery next week...

First hour was a real drag. Big swells really do not help lure fishing, as the effect of the boat rising and falling has to be allowed for, and it takes some doing. Eventually though, we got the hang of it, and for the next hour a regular stream of fish came up. 10 bass, and a single wrasse. Then, even that dried up, so we went for a wander around to see if we could find some. Another, single fish was added to the tally, before the bugger off bugler said that three hours was over.

11 bass from 1 to 3lb is quite good fun action for late November. Although, I think we will see the best of the fishing Thursday onwards, as it is looking like a big high pressure is going to sustain, bringing NE winds and clear, calm seas. Shore anglers should also brace, as if the bass do not run the shingle, it is likely the squid will.

Sold out now until December, and I cannot release December dates until I know how many people are allowed to meet up. Keep checking the availability ticker as I am expecting the first two weeks of December to be very in demand. And then I need to make a decision. To stay in the UK to keep the boat happening, or to fly somewhere warm and offer some blue water shore fishing. So much depends on what the government has to say this week. Watch this space...

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