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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd September 2021

First up, Lee, Paul, Max and David, All regulars, which makes my life that little bit easier. Lee mentioned the C word, and with one spot renowned for cod over the slack period, that was where we started. Gave it until the tide began to push, for zero return. Tried another spot on the way to the main event, but there only pouting were to be found.

Onto the main event, but even here, it was somehow different to the previous day. And it showed in the end result. Fish were playing quite hard ball, but having spotted some hiding in gullies, I went shallow and we ran sub surface hard plastics. This got the ball rolling, as we scraped together just seven bass. But the quality is such just now, that meant a fish apiece for all those that wanted, with more released. Best of the session, Max with one perhaps pushing 4.5lb.

Second sailing, and a client and friend of longstanding. Paul has shore fished with me since I began guiding on the beach back in 2005. He has trusted my judgement in Fuerteventura, and several times on the boat. He had booked the boat hopeful that newly wed son Jack might join, but sadly it was not to be. But meant plenty of room. Always a silver lining

The fishing started well, when I snagged a 6.5lb coddie on a close reef, but it took finding some deeper water before we were able to begin putting some bass on board. Mackerel were also desired, and we managed eight fat ones among the final tally of 8 bass, with a maximum kill for Paul. Lots of chatting and laughing, and reminiscing along the way. A really lovely and stress free session. With the cod count lifting daily it would seem not only it is happening, but also sizes remain good.

Third sailing, and it was the return of Purbeck Angling proprietor Dean, with angling buddy Mark. Both had been talking of cod all the drive from Dorset to here, so we began on the earlier productive reef. Wasnt happening though. Not until we got to about the 3rd stop, when Mark bought our Cod accumulative total to double figures, with the tenth one so far this season. He was very pleased indeed, and released the fish, around the 4lb mark.

The bassing was the best of the day. We managed to put together eleven fish, before the bugger off bugler made his noise. Some crackers among them too, with the best the 63.5cm fish again to Mark. Around 6.5lb. Quite a bumpy sea though, which made me quite happy for the bugler. And confirmed that tomorrow (Thursday ) would be a no sail.

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