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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd August 2021

Finally, a 3 sailing day. Only got until the end of September, and the days of making hay are over. Except, it hasn't been the greatest of hay seasons to be fair. And we now are almost to September. Not without silver linings though. With a busy boat all day, I did quite a lot of bouncing for a coddie. I didn't get one, but it should be any time.

First sailing, and Jared, Sam and Mike came out to play. Fishing wasn't crazy hot, but not terrible either. It would have been better but for the stiff NE wind limiting us to inshore and quite specific drifts. But we ended up with eleven bass landed. Sizes not great though, with just two for the table.

Second sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome on board, for the first time, Louis, Luke, Matt and Marcus. Louis brother had enjoyed a successful experience on board BIF1, and had recommended it to this group of friends. Marcus was a complete non angler when he stepped aboard. Ten minutes later, he was casting, and nailing the technique. A very fast learner indeed. It took a good while to find some fish, which reflected in the final tally of just seven. But happily, two were belters, which always compensates for slow action.

Third sailing, and three new comers joined regular Barry. Danny, and his son Aden, and Mark who had made the journey down from London town, as many do. Wind had backed off a little, which helped matters. And fish were playing. Again not in huge numbers, the tally being just 8. But again with two crackers, and happily, one for Aden, as it really is a good thing for a kids enthusiasm to catch a fish for bragging rights. A fairly slow day, but, every crew enjoyed themselves. Some cracking fat mackerel by catch today, as well as some very pretty gurnards.

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