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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd August 2023

Cod Accumulative Total = 2

First sailing, on the first perfectly calm seas I can remember for ages, and joining me was Lee, Jack and Olly, plus regular John, who was with me fr two sailings, plus breakfast at Cafe Zio's. Last time the first three guys were out with me, it was all about the big gurnard glut of April 2018. This time it was more about hunting, hunting and hunting, to find the fishes we wanted. And we didn't really make it. I mean, we caught bass, with fifteen to the boat, but just one of those was for the table. It seemed the lack of tide did not help matters.

It was a strange day, with zero baitfish around, and the only bird action we saw, a jet skier thought it would be fun to charge into them and donut. Strange some of these jet skier types. As if the gulls havent had a hard enough time from the decimation of their numbers by avian flu last year, they cant even enjoy a decent and today scarce bait ball burst without that being fun for someone who is clearly very bored at sea with a jetski.

Second sailing and we fared somewhat better with the table fish, although we did have new to BIF1 James and Nigel joining a regular James and of course John. Very similar numbers to the first sailing, but a better stamp of fish. Sadly for regular James, with few baitfish, were few mackerel, as his smoker is one of his happy places. But he is out with me again soon, so hopefully the bait fish shoals will have reformed. I think we had sixteen landed, with three killed, and at least three further table fish returned on request.

Third sailing, and check this out. How often am I going to get a sailing, where, booked upon it, is Peter, Peter, Theo and Leo... I'm not making it up, honest guv. That really happened today. Regular Peter bought his lad Leo. Well, kind of the other way round really, but thats another story. And first time to BIF1 grandad Peter bought grandson Theo along. Theo had requested to try fishing, as a reward for a swimming accomplishment. That really made me happy to hear, mostly because as someone that swims worse than a gold bar, you can never have too many swimmers on board.

Now, I must admit, I think this is the first time I have gone straight in with teaching a non fishing nine year old how to cast, but something about his confidence told me to go with it. And with Leo, only slightly older, already an excellent caster, I kind of had to do it. Why? Well, I always try to remember being the age of the person I am working with (if younger of course!!) And I think that in that situation, not being given the opportunity to at least try, when someone same age is hitting 50 meters, would sting. Maybe not for Theo, but I think for a nine year old fishy rob, resentment would have brewed. And guess what? I was shocked. Within ten casts he nailed the timing, and by the end there was rod speed and 50 meter casts. For me, this was the best bit of the day.

However, I have extremely experienced rods come onto the boat, and fail to catch first session, while all those around smashed it. That certainly wasnt the case, as the final tally of bass was jusr eight. However, of those six were for the table. And Peter the elder, also caught after an epic battle on the 28gm gear, his first cod for 38 years. So, what to do with Theo, as I felt it imperative he caught and under his own steam? Plus, first time fishing, after an hour of casting there were some signs of fatigue.

"Want to try for a black bream?" I asked. More reliable than mackerel, I was quite happy that he agreed, as bream are quite happy to feed on scrubby ground. I set him up with the isome rig, and he missed the first bite, but nailed the 2nd, with what was actually a half tidy fish for this time of year in the shallows.

Other notables, Leo we think got his biggest bass so far. and then nearly topped it pretty much next cast. And, I have had spaces become available on Sunday's 1430 sailing, which looks quite possibly it might sail. Text to 07970 112774 if you fancy that.

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