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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2020

First sailing, and out with Mitch and Max. It was looking like it was going to be a similar struggle to the previous night, but then happily, I struck upon a shoal of fish that were happy to feed. It took a while though. Between us we snatched a dozen bass from the shoal. No monsters, but action, which at the moment is something. Quite an irony, as currently, my shore based friends are getting quality fish in the first 30 yards.

2nd sailing,. I returned on a very bumpy wind over spring flood sea, with Tim and David to the very spot where I had just left the bass feeding. And of course, that was enough time for them to vanish, and we were once more on the hunt. And one more it was a close call, until I again found a few feeding fish a good 5 miles from the original shoal. These fish live in the wrasse lands, so also some fun by-catch to top up with.

3rd sailing, and it was my good friend Andy down, with his nipper Reece. I am a pretty crap friend, to the point that the last time I saw Reece he was a ten year old nipper. Now this nipper was a full grown man, which rather made me feel old. Can all children stop growing with immediate effect please?? I need to live forever, as there are too many unanswered fishy questions, and you lot all getting older is pushing me out of my lifetime...

The fishing was actually much improved. We found plenty of bass, although just one making it up the road for a bbq. The guys were keen to try for mackerel, which very quickly filled up the feathers, including one of a good 1.5lb for Reece. Plaice, a firm favourite of Andy's,. were still playing hardball, with just two smalls landed. But, a bag of fish to take up the road, and a great catch up, were the main targets. And this we did achieve.

Final sailing, and out with Steve and Trevor. This session was a lot of fun. We found a good shoal of feeding fish, in ever calming waters. The bait balls were building, and the bass were coming ever higher. Then, a strange thing happened. We noticed lots of flying ants on the surface of the water. "We will be dry flying for bass next" I joked. Smash... A bass topped. Smash smash, two of his kin also. I have always been aware that bass are fast to react to a food source, but this was amazing. The Heddon one knocker spook was deployed by Trevor, whilst Steve picked up the fly rod.

And both caught. Indeed, we were having a lot of fun, until a stiff Easterly wind sprung up . Then, all changed. I went out to some deep water, but nothing doing. I went inshore to a reef out of the wind, nothing doing. I went offshore again to a mass of rock. Nothing doing...a very quiet end to a good fun session.

I write this having cancelled todays (Wednesday's) sailings. And it is looking like cancel all the way until next week on the current forecast. A real shame, as the bass do seem to be returning to feeding on things more up in the water. Even if it is flying ants... Forecast for next week looks very good though, and currently still some spaces. 07970 112774 if you see what you like here.

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