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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2021

First trop, and three individuals returning for the BIF1 experience. Max, Barry and Yuri. And with the early flood, I was quite hopeful. But sadly, it was a very different sea to the one

we had fished the previous day. Bright sunshine replaced the previous days grey, and the close reefs just had a few small patches of bait, and zero predators following it.

Indeed, it took a lot of moving around, for just two small bass. I did catch up with the bait, but the bass in attendance were not interested in smashing off the top, and continue to mostly ignore anything rubber slung in among them. Finally, with just 30 minutes to run, we tried the plaice. Which happily were obliging, and good average size, and all took tea back up the road.

Next, the return of mother and son Chris and David. The family have their own boat based in Newhaven, and I was pleased to hear techniques they had learned on their first trip with me, had yielded dividends over that way also. And happily, although they were keen for a bass hunt, they were equally keen for plaice techniques, as they were keen to break away from dependence on the pumped live product, and use isomes instead.

Bass continued to be tough, but I was very happy indeed to see Chris's rod buckled over to a tidy table fish. And then, we got on the plaice. Ebb tide now, and although the plaice were obliging, sizes were much smaller with most released, and just two with the table. However, the main objective, how to catch plaice with jigs and isomes, had been proven and faith in the method instilled. Indeed, as they departed, they were talking of launching themselves, to continue practicing in seaford bay.

Third sailing. and a family affair with a double birhday. However, just as we settled on the first drift, the wind whipped around to the SE, and blew hard, with instant white horses appearing. Ten minutes later, the swells were building, and with the new flood in just an hour, and a big tide, the wind over tide effect would be not very nice. I recommended we abandon for a rebook before we reached a charging point. The guys agreed. Thats how it goes sometimes. But always, safety first, especially in my little vessel.

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