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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2022

First sailing, Max, Mark, Nick and Yuri, all returning customers. I wasn't overly optimistic due to the previous days results, except... cloud. Lovely thick dark cloud. Small tides, but would the gloom compensate?

It certainly did. Topwaters were once again the desired way of beating the micro fry obsession. There is something about a potentially unaware fish slogging across the surface on its own that even glass sand eel obsessed bass cannot ignore. It makes the trigger happen.

And the trigger happened lots, with a total of fourteen fish landed first session. Maximum kill as well, as sizes were up. So much fun, that Mark, Yuri and Nick, all decided to join new to BIF1 Chris on the second sailing.

Second sailing started well. Chris was also going home with a brace of silver, which was important as he was on a foodie mission. Eight mackerel joined the brace, and Yuri also fished for the mackerel for his pussy. What a spoiled moggy. Nine bass was the total landed, as the combination of bottom of the tide and the suns re-appearance made the last hour much tougher going.

Third sailing, I umm'd and aarrh'd about, before calling it a no sail based on the forecast. Big mistake. It turned into an idyllic afternoon. I'm so upset, both for my clients, and myself, as every sailing counts in this wind ridden, recession threatened world in which we find ourselves suddenly living in. How very different to just twelve months ago.

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