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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2023

Once more just the first sailing happening. And it has to be said, after tomorrow not looking good for my little tin pot vessel. However, its looking quite awesome for shore work, so those wishing to come and play, please do drop me a message on 07970 112774. do be prepared that often sessions are nocturnal, and often waders increase your chances. Depending on venue of course.

This morning Luke and Phil were back to play. Target was again big fish, in part because the numbers game simply isnt available. Those sandeels seem to have taken all the small fish with them. Not a big upset to be fair, as it means we can get back to focusing on far less, but far bigger fish. And this session rather reflected that approach well.

I did have to do a little bit of running about, as the fish gather in different locations as tide state changes. Actually, that is not a true statement. Our ability to fish them on light gear changes, and on some marks, fish do drop away with the current easing back, which means we can rarely just sit on a spot for 3 hours and expect to keep catching.

Final tally, 13 fish landed, with max six killed, and other 50 plus fish returned. Biggest to Luke at 59cm. Zero byecatch. Indeed, mackerel would be quite stupid to run these places. Far bigger fish are already down there. Just down to a little luck...

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