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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th April 2022

Just two sailings today. First one, regular Chris was joined by Fountains Head landlord Alex, for a session that was likely to be a tough one, with it being the last bit of ebb. However, I had been out the day prior, before the wind swung full on East, and had found a patch of fish on the similar part of the tide. I decided to start there.

The drifts here are across sand, and it is lovely when the fish are on it, as without rocks we can change everything. The tiny taps we transfer into fish hooked, when fishing rock, become the arm hurting lunges as you can fish everything far tighter, and even use the wind as a slow trolling motor without huge losses of tackle.

And so it was. Long drifts, with every fish well earned, and plenty missed. Enough action to keep it interesting. A dozen fish the final tally. A brace going back with Alex, but Chris was staying on, and had a single fish in his keep at this point. For the final sailing, Chris was joined by regular Armando.

A more traditional session on rock, and as a result, sizes were better. Four over 50cm out of, yet again, a dozen fish landed. with the biggest to Chris, a 60cm fish. This size is always a dilemma. My max kill size IS 60, but, Chris returned it, and was rewarded shortly after with a 50 plus to make up his brace. Armando had a try for squid. One small one sadly dropped off as I tried to swing it straight to the fish well. The other one was a kraken that Armando mistook for a snag and banger the rod to get rid of it. How do we know that? A huge sucker ridden tentacle came to the surface. All in all, with much lighter winds than earlier a very enjoyable session.

Stacks of availability, I guess due to the gas and electricity companies taking all your spare cash, and the government no longer paying you to have not a lot to do. In the end, I think the charter industry was a winner from the pandemic, and now back to the realities of a nationwide belt tightening. But if you reach a "oh, sod it" moment, an SMS to 07970 112774 will likely see you aboard short notice.

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