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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th April 2023

Just the one sailing today. With two clients on board. Regular David, and new to BIF1, although just passing through, Mike. Mike has his own boat in the marina, but wanted to get going with some viable spots and techniques. In short, some confidence, which is what I am selling when I tutor.

I wasn't expecting much, and it was the third spot before we got action. And we remained at this spot because action is very much needed in green water. Find a patch that fish are happy to feed in, and you can still put a bag of fish together. The nagging Northerly wind also died at this point, which meant I could show Mike the two main methods we use with shads at this time of year. Indeed, it was very pleasant with sunshine outsmarting the actually cold air temperatures.

Action was bass, with a brace each for the guys for the table. But no beasts. And yet, the final tally of nine for three hours of fishing not tragic. Plus a gurnard. Looking like Saturday now before we sail again, based on the current forecasts. I still have an empty boat Sunday 1030 and 1430 sailings. Is something happening? Monday, a bank holiday also has spaces if anyone wishes to come and play. Cracking forecast for Sunday especially. Text to 07970 112774 secures.

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