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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th August 2022

Weather robbing me of the very bread on my table again. Well, not exactly. There is rarely any bread on my table. Indeed, I do not actually own a table. Nor do I buy bread. On the rare occasion I am inspired by thoughts of a sandwich, or toast, and do buy the bread, by the time I get around to it, already it is mouldy. Such is the life of a bachelor. But the weather deffo robbing me of deliveroo funds. First sailing, I was obligated to cancel due to lightning risk. And 3rd sailing, was abandoned due to a stiff SW wind, which was not forecast until an hour before it happened.

Which leaves us 2nd sailing, where regular Mark was joined by regular Richard, who had dragged along newbie Alex. A quick bit of instruction, and he was fishing well. As was everyone, although Mark I have to say fished especially well. Of the sixteen bass we landed, he had eight of them. Plenty of table fish with a max kill. A few smalls but even these were quality schoolies. A most enjoyable session, we all agreed.

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