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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th July 2021

A rather damp first sailing, but happily thunder absent despite menacing skies. And, most importantly, light winds. mostly from the North. Kind of perfect in many ways. On board were all returnee's. Mitch, Mark. Damo and Dan (billed as Dean in a previous episode.. Oops... I'm so terrible with names...) Engine running sweeter than ever, it really noticed with such a full boat.

Didn't really hit any shoals of fish as such at all through the session. Damien hit a really pretty wrasse of good size, and a gurnard. Bass were slow but quality, which is a nice way to catch them. You need to stay super keyed for this, and we all missed plenty of takes. But, by the time we headed in, a little damp from, the constant precipitation. seven had graced the net, with crackers among them.

Second sailing, we had swapped Mitch for new to BIF1 despite several attempts thwarted by bad forecast (Actually this was the 6th try) Jez. A local angler making the progression from, freshwater to sea, as oh so many before he, he was quickly in command of the fairly straightforward techniques we employ on BIF1.

This time I motored around on a hunt, but other than one nice one for Dan, shoals I could not find. Plus the ever present stupidity of people sharing the resource. Or, ignoring others using that resource. Such as the pair of spearo's, who plotted up, dropped a hook and jumped in without taking any note of my drift on the wind and tide, and just a 30 meter lob in front of our drift. As one popped up with us baring down on him, I did perhaps vent a little of my frustration at him. Although his brief visual prior to our interaction confirmed my sonar readings. Not a lot down there.

Whilst trying a quick drift on the way back, the Lifeguards rib approached our stern. It had come to tell us, that lightning strikes were forecast in the local area with three hours. I just hoped that we would finish our session before the lightning arrived. Not something I want to stay out at sea to experience.

This led to a blast away from the spot, back to where at least there was plenty of baitfish, and returned to the attrition fishing. And in the last hour, managed to bring the total up to 7 once more, with crackers amongst them. Oh, and every drop from everyone being picked up by cuttle.

Third sailing, with a wall of dark cloud once more formed and hanging over Brighton, a rumble of thunder distinct from Roedean way, and the lifeguard's information sitting on my mind, I had no real choice but to cancel the third sailing.

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