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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th September 2021

First up, on a very grey, misty, autumnal morning, though with oily calm seas, was my favourite dentist, Patrick, and friend Paul. Favourite, mostly because he has only ever been a customer, and has never inflicted pain on my teeth. My kind of dentist..

Today was generally quite tough going. We headed out, and poked around, for not a lot at all. It wasnt until the tide really got going, well into the session, that I found feeding fish. And from that shaky start, the end result was ten fish, mostly quality. The brace apiece was quickly dispatched, And more came to the boat. As well as much laughter. Pat and Paul were both masters of dark humour.

Next sailing, and I was expecting it to be the best sailing of the day. Plenty of good strong flow. Except, todays tide, a big one, didnt really run very hard at all. It can happen. You can get short tides with a strong co-efficient, and likewise, as today, you can get big tides with very little pull at all. Clients Martin and Steve. had happily grabbed a covid cancelled sailing, after their own sailings were blown out the day prior. It wasnt tragic, with eight fish landed, plus of course, stacks of mackerel. Biggest to Steve, a little over 4lb.

Third and final sailing, and another Steve, very regular, along with Callum, also returning, and Callum had bought along none other than his pop, Jeremy, for whom it was a first time. Again, fishing felt a little off the boil, but we did knock together a ten fish bag. Five of those were killed, which highlights the quality of September fish. Much laughter, and top ups of mackerel for Callum towards the end. Not terrible, not amazing. But a shadow of the same time of year two years ago, when the guys enjoyed an epic session with fish to 9.75lb. A very different year this year. Could be the immense amount of bait around, spreading the bass thinly. Or perhaps the easing of some of the commercial restrictions, has been too soon. This winter will tell, I guess.

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