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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th April 2022

First sailing, and returnee Richard was joined by work crew Lee, Josh and Jared. Everyone was up for bass, although when I mentioned squid, Lee showed some interest. That works, as we fish bass and squid mostly on similar ground.

Still some wind, but quite northerly. I knew exactly where I wanted to start as it would be protected by cliffs. And with the contents of the basses stomach's suddenly being more crab than fish, some rock was definitely the order of the day.

We did find some fish on the first reef, but it took some hunting before we finally began to nail some fishes. Lee had mentioned that keen carp anglers Josh and Jared were looking to catch their first ever bass, and happily rhis was done. Sizes were pretty good also, with six of the fifteen fish caught, killed for the table.

Second sailing it was my pleasure to welcome aboard both first timers Tony and Joe. Both uber keen, both with rod skills, it was clearly going to be an easy task. Just plop them on some fish and that should be it. Hence it was my pleasure. It became my nightmare an hour in, when the only two fish landed, a bass and a wrasse, were to my rod.

I was almost pleased an hour after that when the wind swung to the east and made lure control difficult. I made the call to abandon. And on the condition they come back, I declared it a free trip. I'm about providing a certain level of service, not about making money. And that service was not provided.

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