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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th August 2021

First sailing, and new to BIF1, Ollie. Vanie,. Freddie and Johnny. Vanie claimed to be a first timer, but it only took two tries before he was casting nicely, and all the guys grasped quickly the concept of finger power.

Took a bit of hunting, with just a couple of smalls, and some chunky mackerel, but finally we found some quality fish in some quite shallow water. And very happy to take top waters and subsurface lures. It was an absolute delight to see the guys faces as fish either missed or connected. All bronzed, and very easy to see in the quite calm waters.

The wind was mostly, perfect. Just the odd gust, but not enough to mess up working the lures in an attractive way. And offshore. A few gurnards appeared among the bass, but of the tally of 14 bass landed, a full house of eight were dispatched for culinary purposes. And then, with just twenty minutes to run, a band of cloud passed over head, complete with heavy drizzle. As that cleared, so the wind got up. And stayed up, making good lure control all but impossible.

On returning, and saying goodbye to the guys, who all were grinning ear to ear, I went for breakfast at Cafe Zio. Checking the forecasts, it was apparent the wind had set in for the day, contrary to the previous evening forecast, which had actually suggested the reverse. I gave the options to the next sailing, who agreed that better fishing was the priority, and were happy to reschedule.

This being short notice, and unexpected, before I put the boat away, I popped out to make sure I had got it right. The reason being the usual. In close, with even the strongest of Northerlies, you don't feel it. And begin to wonder if it hasn't dropped. Three drifts through a cod mark less than a mile offshore, with white horses and ever lengthening lure line was enough to persuade me it was the right call, and I retired, put BIF1 to bed, and let the final sailing folk know, there would be no final sailing. No point taking peoples money, when it clearly is the case good lure fishing isn't going to be viable.

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