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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th August 2022

Forecasting a bit broken suddenly on XCWEATHER. This mornings very gentle northerly forecast was actually a screaming NNE, pushing the boat swiftly across the tide, making lures almost unfishable, as without good contact, fish inhale and exhale the rubber without you even knowing about it.

With me for this struggle, was grandad Bob, son Mat (Returning) and grandson, nephew of Mat, Jake, fresh out from scoring some amazing results from eleven subject studied well. Eleven!! I'm so glad I am no longer a student. That strikes me as a lot of pressure. Perhaps why he is only just getting into fishing. No time before!

Neptune does reward though, and for all that effort Jake caught the fish of the session, a lovely bronzed fish of around 4lb. But with it, just a single schoolie, our 8th cod of the season for Mat, plus garfish. Zero mackerel. Hard going, but actually, somehow also very enjoyable, thanks to the great company.

Second and final sailing, as the sea breezes made even this sailing a little bouncy towards the end, it was my pleasure to welcome aboard David, who is a fellow marina boat owner. He has a couple of vehicles. We will only mention the boat. His friend Gary also, and both for the first time on BIF1. Also, young Dan, another BIF1 virgin. My only regular, on his fifth attempt this windy summer, Jack.

Fishing was rock hard. Just six bass landed. Two lovely fish over the 55cm marker to Jack, who fished well. I hope that Dave and Gary take the techniques learned and I hear of good catches from their own vessel soon, and that Dan will come back, on a day when Neptune is more forthcoming. Or at least, on a cloudy one while this water is so clear.

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