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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th July 2023

Just the one sailing, snuck in before the wind once more. And the final sailing of July 2023 unless the forecast reverses a real lot. Joining me this morning Dan, Mark, David and new to BIF1 Clive. Out we headed. A light breeze which jumped around a bit, finally deciding to die, until the very last moments of the session when the stuff coming showed its first presence.

In the end, the numbers suggest a good session. And it was. For Mark. The guy was very much the coiled spring today, and likely had ten of the 16 bass landed. Big mackerel around today as well. I have been telling customers, even these guys just before the following happened, that the squid are there, but just a bit too small to fish for. One of the mackerel then proved the point. I noticed something protruding from ones mouth. So I gently pulled, and a whole squid emerged. And yet. despite quite literally being stuffed, this mackerel was still triggered by my axia mighty minnow. Lessons there.

A little bream was another surprise, fairly hooked. And a lovely morning to be afloat. Four killed from that tally. The fishing died off with the tide. I am sure if the wind had not arrived, a similar session could have been expected on the new flood. But the wind has arrived, and I am off mushrooming in the woods. There are some consolation prizes for this damp, cool summer we are having.

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