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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th June 2020

I awoke to a storm raging outside my house. I had already cancelled the rest of the days sailings, but I was hopeful for the first one, with just David booked on board. We had agreed to talk, to decide if he was to make the journey down from Tonbridge Wells, at 0600. The storm kind of swung the decision. On BIF1, you are the highest point, and your holding a carbon conductor. I messaged him, to roll the trip over to the following week, to which he agreed.

Typically, by the time I had enjoyed my tea, and unrolled the blinds, I could see the thunderclouds scooting away to the east, to go and harass the people of Eastbourne. The wind was a very light breeze, as predicted, before the strong wind due around 0900. With perhaps a week ashore now, I decided to pop out to get some mackerel as bait for some shore adventures.

Not wishing to waste the last bit of the ebb tide, I also prospected a few of the inshore marks. Not a lot other than smalls. Then I remembered a hole. A work in progress. I suspect the fish gather here at times of slow tide, as it sits under a steep sandy slope. Things roll easily down sandy slopes, and collect in holes such as these. I imagine the bass using it as a timewaster, as they await the next push of tide to return to ambushing baitfish. A place to poke around a bit, in case something yummy has rolled down.

We had nicked a fish out of it the previous day on the final sailing. But the stiff wind had pushed us through fast, and it was hard to fish it well. Now, with no wind, it was a doddle. I spent an hour slicing across it, for a dozen fish, from 3lb to perhaps touching 7lb. And then, they were gone. And still no sign of the fresh South westerly wind. And now I had a taste for more bass action. I even went out to my limits, to visit a wreck that occasionally throws up a few. And it did, spirited 3lb fish on consecutive drifts. But then, they also vanished, just as another vessel arrived to enjoy the fun. And suddenly. I remembered the mackerel.

Happily, after a few wiggles, I found a nice line of baitfish, and quickly assembled 30 perfect bait mackerel, just as the first breaths of new wind began. By the time I had berthed and connected the hose for the washdown, fog accompanied the now fresh wind. An hour behind schedule, happily. But also sadly, as I could have shared what was the best session for a fair few weeks with David with me. I can only apologise, and pray to the gods for better control of the weather.

As I write, the fog is beginning to clear, and the wind remains. A good call to cancel the day. And looking like Thursday next week before more blog entries are likely. Keep an eye on the Brighton Inshore Fishing Facebook page for availability.

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