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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th June 2021

Very quick report for two reasons... 2nd stab at catching some live music tonight at Saltdean Lido, and tbh, fishing is still vey hard indeed where bass are concerned. 1st sailing, and Max, Andrius, James and Bruno were on board. It was the best session of the day, with 9 bass landed, and 4 were over taking size, although only one was taken for culinary purposes.

2nd sailing, and Jude was back, with brother Cesare and their pop Frank once more. This was a very interesting sailing, as we marked plenty of fish, and got some reactions from them. But so timid. Just 5 fish landed, and one for the table.

3rd sailing, Chris, Peter, Augusto and Axel were on board. But, very similar to the first sailing. We tried messing around with the mud weights and this bought two of the five fish landed. Two for the table, plus a nice sized mackerel, and Augusto was very happy to catch a cuttlefish. He is Portuguese, and "choco" as cuttle is known in his motherland, is almost a 2nd currency, and can be found even in the freezers in petrol stations.

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