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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th April 2022

Just Max and James, both regulars, for first sailing, and just first sailing!! For no other reason than lack of interest. A theme that, looking at the diary, is set to continue. I had a solid plan for this morning, and it went reasonably well. We didnt need to go off very far, which was a touch as the wind remains in the North and brisk. And incredibly cold. Dont forget to wrap very warm if you are out with me before the weekend.

The plan was to fish for bass. As we approached the ground I wanted to fish, we came across a lot of gannet and gull activity. Here we go, I thought, especially as two bass fell to the first two casts. But then, the following twenty minutes was pure mackerel hitting the lure. We landed over 20, had 3000 hit the lures and bounce off, and quite soon, I opted to get as far from the birds as we could.

This turned out to be a good plan. I found a small patch of better fish, and we nailed all the table fish required. We were up to about ten fish landed, when it did rather lull, as we lost the tide. I opted to return to the reef where we did well the previous day. Another good call, and the final tally was 22 bass landed.

I headed off for breakfast, and then decided to take the boat of her dock, that I could put some fresh grease on for easy dismounting. That took just ten minutes, so I thought I would pop out for an hour to check out some very close reefs. Still not heaving, but I did find another half a dozen fish to a best of 63cm. In good shape, that would be around 5.5lb, but this one was streamlined from spawning, and as such was released to put some weight on.

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