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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th May 2024

Out to much less green seas this morning. And this morning the bait was everywhere I expected it to be. So, Mitch, Scott, Ash and I bagged up right? Well... If you go back and read mid May's catch reports for the last seven years, this is the bit where I moan a lot about marking fish, half hearted takes and fish dropping off.

This is due to the fish hunting tiny stuff and becoming pre-occupied with it. A great time for the fly rod, once the green is all gone, which is likely over the next couple of days. Much more challenging for the lure angler. A great display of the bass hitting the tiny things back in the marina in the video above.

Not all bad though. 9 small bass did mess up, but nothing for the table. A glorious morning to be out, and definitely far more fishy than the last couple of days. And I am sure if I had any customers for the rest of the day, we could find fish. Instead, I am going to try and find my lawnmower, sadly...

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