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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th August 2023


What a great session! Once more only the first sailing was being allowed by Neptune, his wind guardians protecting the fishes from BIF1's assault for the rest of the day. With me, returnee's Paul, Lee and Mose, and with Mose, a friend from the childhood, Ricardo. Swell was bigger than I would have liked, and much bigger than Ricardo would have liked as he is a bit prone to motion sickness as it turned out.

Because of the swell, and the wind direction, once more that meant we were limited to a specific area. But after the last sailing, it was the only place I wanted to be anyhow. And because I am now "on the pulse" I knew the approach would be surface lures, and where that approach would be happening.

It was fish from the off, and as before, the quality was really good. We maxed killed (6 on this occasion as Lee and I were not for the bass) with the first six casts, and it continued. I think we had got to about twenty fish landed, when the tide eased back and these fish suddenly decided to be elsewhere. Except, this time I had a good idea where.

Moving the boat, and changing to Axia mighty minnows, we again found the fish. Less fast, but with no less than 3 bonus cod among them. And some good quality bass, including the two biggest of the day to Lee, at 57 and 62.5cm. The ebb tide kicked in, binging some movement. so I returned to the topwaters, and took BIF1 to where they liked their food floating, and off we went again. Smaller fish on the ebb, the final tally was exactly 50 landed. A quick rinse down, a quick breakfast, and then three shore clients where we added a further 12 bass to the days tally. Seems like its all getting a bit better.

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