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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th July 2022

I really had thought Neptune was going to let me get in at least one sailing. Deliberately early to catch the first of the flood period, we sailed on a light easterly breeze. A quick run along the tight inshore confirmed it is still a mass of colour and spaghetti weed, and the surface lures we briefly unleashed were not so much ignored, as I think there were very few bass here to ignore them. Very little bait as well, compared to just a few days previously.

On board, I had Lee and Paul, returning, and their friends, new to BIF1, Glen and Jake. All very capable anglers, it was all set to be a good trip. I pushed BIF1 out to the only area I have been finding bass the past few days. Here, in deeper water, the power of the flooding tide meeting the Easterly breeze was showing itself, with a bit of a roll, but all within limits,, and most importantly we were able to keep contact with the shads.

Paul's contact went very well indeed, as he hit a very spirited 51cm fish. Glen then missed one, as did I. And then it happened, three hours ahead of forecast. The wind switched from, E, to ESE. Doesnt sound much, but suddenly, all the shelter we dont realise we get from Seaford head, was lost. The wind, now increasing, had nothing to break it on its journey from the Dover straits. The sea responded immediately, with the swell size increasing, and the dreaded false slack, which basically meant the end of the data feed from the lure, and the end of the session. You might as well just cast out and reel back in this situation, to keep the connection, except of course that is a great way to catch nothing. Not even an hour, and Neptune messed it all up. Tomorrow looking very unlikely also.

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