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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th June 2021

With a howling NE wind all morning, I was happy to have cancelled the first two sailings. However, with the forecast suggesting a lovely evening with light winds, after some heavy rain mid afternoon, I asked Mark and Damo, due out on the 1030 sailing, if they would mind making it a 1730 sailing, to which they readily agreed.

Snag is, weather man got it all a bit back to front. Wind had eased a bit, but was still gusty. Rain, well, drizzle was getting heavier from the go. I headed into 4' of water, and began to hunt around with surface and shallow running hard plastics. First cast to Mark, and bam, a quality fish showed Mark how different the battle is from such shallow waters. And other than one schoolie, and too many missed takes, one from a very good fish indeed, that was it. Because 45 minutes later, and the boys wanted in. They had dressed according to the earlier forecast, whereas rain radar was showing, what is happening now. Rain. heavy, and likely till midnight.

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